7 Small Office Spaces To Recreate

7 Small Office Spaces To Recreate

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2. Parallel Desks:


3. Go Vertical: It’s cheaper to build up, than out, in real estate.


4. Multi-Purpose Furniture: In a small room that doubles as more than an office, it’s all about maximizing your assets. Think about ways to make your furniture multi-purpose, or upgrade to a piece that is tailored specifically to your needs. This Urban Outfitters fold-out desk is small enough to be put almost anywhere in the house while holding the essentials and folding up to hide the clutter.


5. Family-Friendly: With many parents working remotely it’s important to think about the office space integrating with the family as a whole. To keep it kid-friendly, make a designated area for the little ones with craft buckets stocked with washable writing instruments and small chairs or stools. Recycle any extra printed paper you don’t need anymore into a reachable wire bin for paper airplanes, coloring, or creative crafts. Separate all permanent pens, batteries, expensive equipment, and important paperwork in file holders out of reach or stacked in organizers on high shelving. Trust me, it’s worth the extra organizational effort!


6. Mix and Match: On a tight budget?! Get creative and look around your own home first to see if there is furniture you can borrow from other rooms to create your work space. Mismatched chairs lend a lived-in look that can be comforting for uptight deadlines. Throw a sheepskin rug or a small throw blanket over chairs for a touch of homeyness. Hang simple, inexpensive shelves with stacks of books you already own to add color and visual interest. Also consider checking your local thrift store or your city on craigslist.org for unconventional office furniture that can be re-purposed with a little creativity and/or a swipe of paint.


7. Make It Personal: As Austin Kleon says in his book Steal Like An Artist, “You are, in fact, a mashup of what you choose to let into your life.” So choose wisely. Use your office to surround yourself with inspiration. Collect quotes, artwork, and photographs of the people who motivate you and hang where you’ll see it as you work. Keep your display constantly revolving with removable washi tape. And bonus! It keeps your walls free from holes.


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