The Entrepromom Team

The Entrepromom Team

About the Team

Keren Threlfall | Co-Founder

Keren is a mom of 4 kids, spanning ages 8 to 1 years old. 7 years ago, she and her husband took a risk, quit their “day jobs,” and began working fully from home and online.

Working with clients from New York City to San Francisco, Keren possesses experience in social media marketing, content marketing, and digital marketing strategy. She pioneered the marketing strategy of Zylie and Friends toy, sold online and in Toys ‘R Us. Keren also worked with SmartyPal, a children’s artificial intelligence software company.

In recent years, Keren also founded a real estate investment company. During a period of four years, she built the business from a single rental home to a property portfolio exceeding $1m in value. In 2015, Keren launched Awesomesauce Publishing. She has published five titles, including children’s books and adult coloring books.

Keren also serves as a mentor and coach to other mom entrepreneurs and business owners. Keren’s clients have experienced transformational business and personal growth, achieving six-figure incomes and more fulfilling lifestyles.

As a result of her personal journey, Keren is on a mission to create, curate, and provide resources for women who want to prioritize business and family.

In 2010, Keren bought the domain for EntreProMom, but knew it wasn’t quite the time to launch. Mary Beth and Keren crossed paths years before, but it was in the past couple of years they grew their online friendship. When they met to talk business in 2016, they knew it was the right time bring their visions together and co-found EntreProMom.

Keren enjoys spending time with her family, reading, travel, and trying new foods. She teaches her kids at home and loves learning with them.

Mary Beth Johnson | Co-Founder

Mary Beth is a wife and mother of four children, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Interested in entrepreneurship from a young age, her first business was teaching piano lessons at the age of eleven.

Over the years, she’s run a lifestyle family blog partnering with companies such as Joules UK, Sunuva Swimwear, Emerald August, and others. She began writing and photographing professionally, featured on publications such as What To Expect, Babble, and Darling Magazine all while managing a photojournalism and food writing business in Tulsa, OK. Her online presence grew and she began connecting with writers, photographers, and small-business owners, coaching them on how to create profitable businesses they loved.

As more and more women reached out, Mary Beth decided it was time to take all of the knowledge she was sharing and make it widely available for others. Thus, the inception of Entrepromom.

When Mary Beth isn’t getting up early to read about business and psychology, she’s playing animals with her youngest, learning German to keep up with her older kids, and planning trips away with her husband.